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FAQ for Newbies
Aug 20, 2009

Why should I join your website?

Several reasons:  1.  You need a date for your Prom (or date for another type... more

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How To Sell Your Used Prom Dress
Dec 04, 2011

How To Sell Your Used Prom Dress

Got a $600 prom dress taking up space in your closet that you only wore once?  There are tons of thrifty people who will gladly buy your used dress at a discount instead of paying a fortune for a new one.  Here's some websites you can use:

Listing Sites --  You list your desired price and negotiate with the buyer in a marketplace similar to wanted ads on Craigslist.  You will probably get a higher price on these sites than anywhere else

1.  -  This seems to be the most dependable website with up-to-date curations and workable programming.
2.  -  Looks like the site just got started.  Some links are broken.  May not have alot of visitors yet.
3.  -  Pretty nasty looking interface, but at least they have free listings.

Prom Buyers / Consignments --  They buy your dresses outright for about 10% of what you paid for it.  If you have a receipt you will get a better quote, especially if it was super expensive.  If you don't want to sell cheap, they'll list your dress for consignment and take a cut of the money you make.

1. - This site seems pretty legit.

2. - This site is still in Beta, but you can list your dress and they only take a 9% fee after it sells.  The graphic design is beautiful, so I think it will quickly become the leading site.

General "Wanted-Ads" Websites -  These are the big players that have tons of listings on everything, but are not prom dress specific.

1. - This is a great one, but will only be visible to people in your area (not nationally).  This is good if you don't want to pay or go through the hassle of shipping.
2. - Ebay has some restrictions on selling used clothes and they take a cut of everyone's money.  Try this last!!!

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