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FAQ for Newbies
Aug 20, 2009

Why should I join your website?

Several reasons:  1.  You need a date for your Prom (or date for another type... more

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Prom Fundraising
Aug 21, 2010


Each year, students are faced with the daunting challenge of collecting enough money to throw an awesome prom.  Regardless of their budget, students will probably have to try a couple different methods of fundraising and exhaust all their connections to meet goals and deadlines.  Here's some of our recommendations:


  1. Hold a Charity Date Auction through Prom Date Depot - Popular members of the student body (such as the student council) can offer their services as a prom date to the highest bidder.  With a few big bids and plenty of volunteers, you could easily make a thousand dollars or more.
  2. Car Washes - A succession of car washes each weekend could mean big money.  Supplies barely cost any money, and people are always willing to donate money if it means they don't have to do this dirty job themselves.  Just make sure to have some fun and energetic people holding the signs to lure the people in.
  3. Bake Sale - Convince all those nostalgic mothers to bake cookies, cupcakes, and brownies in support of your Prom.  Bring them around to the classes, and set up a booth during lunch and after school near the parking lot.  This is another fundraiser where costs are minimal, so profit should be good.
  4. Host a Talent Show - Sell tickets to a talent show where the entertainers are students and school faculty members.  People can do a myriad of talents like singing, dancing, playing instruments, or even juggling.
  5. Give Dance Lessons - Ask a local studio or dance instructor to donate their time and teach students how to dance at a formal.  Rest assured, there will be nervous people ready to jump at the offer to learn some skills.  Afterward, have a second session where students/cheerleaders can teach freestyle dancing and hip hop moves.
  6. Sell Advertisements and Candy-Grams - Arrange with the school to temporarily let you sell advertising space to students and local businesses.  You can put up flyers on the bare walls in the hallways or during the morning announcements.  Candy-Grams are simple slips of paper/letters that are delivered with to a person with a piece of candy taped to it.  Couples will easily pay a dollar or two to send a romantic message to their sweetheart.
  7. Video Game Tournament - Charge an entrance fee to have video game geeks battle it out for bragging rights as the Supreme Master of a game like Halo or Tekken.  Maybe even cut them in on some of the booty, or get a prize donation from a local business.
  8. Garage/Yard Sale - Have students bring in their old and unwanted possessions on a Saturday morning.  Ask the local newspaper if they will donate an advertisment in the classifed section and set up signs the day of.  Make sure to solicit parents and teachers for more things to sell.  Parents are always more than happy to get rid of clutter.

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