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FAQ for Newbies
Aug 20, 2009

Why should I join your website?

Several reasons:  1.  You need a date for your Prom (or date for another type... more

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  • The Shiri Foundation / No Worries Now - "We are a nonprofit that believes every teen should have the opportunity to attend prom. So we organize proms for teens with cancer who may not have the chance to attend their own."
  • Stuck At Prom - Duck Tape Contest - Duck Tape sponsors a contest where they give out scholarships to Prom Goers who make the best outfits out of Duck Tape.
  • PROMGIRL-"The online prom superstore."  Pretty much the lowest prices and biggest selection!!!
  • Rent The Runway - It's sorta like Netflix for prom dresses.  According to their president - "Our rental prices range from $40 - $350, which corresponds to retail prices of about $350 - $3500."  This is a good way to get designer brands for cheap!
  • Girl Meets - UK's version of Rent The Runway (dress rentals).

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