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FAQ for Newbies
Aug 20, 2009

Why should I join your website?

Several reasons:  1.  You need a date for your Prom (or date for another type... more

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Why should I join your website?

Several reasons:  1.  You need a date for your Prom (or date for another type of school dance).  2.  You enjoy prom so much that you want to attend multiple proms outside of your school or age-range.  3.  To be super nice and volunteer to be someone's prom date who otherwise may not have had a date. (yes, you don't have to have a date to go to prom, but it sure is a little more exciting.)  4.  To make some cold hard cash...

I can go to prom at another school?  or go to prom after I graduate high school?

Yeah, as long as you go with a current student!!!  *However, sometimes individual schools will have stipulations in the student handbook or prom invitation saying,

"No one over 20 years old will be admitted to any dance unless pre-approved by the administration."  ... or ...

"Special permission from the principal must be requested for any guest who exceeds high school age, 20."

How can I make money using your website?

You can stipulate that a potential date pay you for your time, effort, and company.  Some people will not find anything ethically wrong with collecting money to be a prom date, especially if they are uber-hott, famous, or perfectly personable.

Two examples of people doing this:



Is it free to join?  Do I gotta pay anything?

This website is totally free.  The only things you have to pay for are "real life" expenses related to your prom.  Money for the website's owner is generated through advertising, but it was mostly made in goodwill.

What if my Prom Date stands me up? (doesn't show up/missing in action)

It's a sad fact, but this has historically happened to prom dates in the past and will continue to happen in the future.  I recommend building a close connection before the scheduled event through phone calls, emails, brief meetings, etc...., but regardless, you will never have 100% assurance your date will meet their side of the agreement.  If made aware of an occurance like this, Prom Date Depot may take actions such as suspending member accounts indefinitely.

Why do I get an error message, when I try to upload a picture to my profile?

At this time, for picture uploads: "only .jpg, .gif or.png files are allowed. The maximum allowed file size is 400 KB."

1.  Your picture is probably just a tad too big in size. To find out the size right click on the picture and click to size it'll give you the byte size in parenthesis.

If it is more than (400000) just:

-make a copy of the picture, save it as a different file type (probably jpg or gif).... or
-click image attributes and make the size smaller.

2.  If resizing didn't work, try changing the file format to jpg.

-make a copy of your picture.  open in a program like Paint, click "save as" and pick a file option on the drop down menu "save as type".

Why am I not receiving the validation email?

Your spam control settings may be blocking the email because it has an embedded picture.  AOL is an email host that frequently has this problem.  To temporarily adjust your spam settings use this help page:  changing spam settings.

Is this dangerous?  Are there any creepers on this site?

Users are responsible for screening their prom dates.  Prom Date Depot does not verify user identities or run background checks on them.  The following precautions however, will eliminate the vast majority of potential risk from malicious people:

1.  Speak with your potential prom date several times over the phone, and meet them in person at a public place with your friends before prom to get a feel for their character.

2.  Have your own transportation to and from prom, and do not go to their house or ride in their vehicle without your friends present.  (If they are from out of town, maybe meet them at a restaurant and have them follow you to prom)

3.  At prom, stay in public places where other people can see you.

4.  Do not leave your drink unattended or accept drinks that you did not see poured from vendors as they could be spiked with drugs.  Also, do not become drunk on alcohol to the point of ineptitude to prevent someone from taking advantage of you.

The previous tips are good general rules for dating anyone independent of this website.  If they seem a little burdensome or precarious, just remember that we are trying to keep you safe so you can have a lot of fun!!! 

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